Gordon's music seemed perfectly matched to Parker's sarcasm and quicksilver mood swings...there was a freshness and originality... one of Gordon's 11 songs, "Lullaby," was stunning.
- Jeff Bradley, Denver Post

Gordon's songs were richly varied in soaring lyricism and inventive humor."
- Robert G. Ruetz, Opera News

Ricky Ian Gordon's music has depth and substance, and he managed the difficult task of communicating Miss Parker's complicated emotions while not obscuring the clarity of her words. One hearing does not do his music justice."
- Kyle Macmillan, Omaha World Herald

That Mr. Gordon's compositions did not jar alongside an odd Gershwin or Porter tune is high praise. His "Lullaby," was especially delightful, using metrical and rhythmic complexity to achieve a mellow relaxation.
- James R. Oestreich, The New York Times